“ When we come to know the powerful figures of the world - captains of industry, presidents of banks, Nobel Prize winners, and members of legendary families - it's striking to see how many are open, warm, sincere, and view success as a responsibility. The truly successful have no inclination to act arrogantly. ”

- David R. Hawkins

Mrs. Yvette Dos SantosGM Human Resources CL&D & Group Employee Relations - Africa Human Resources

I had the privilege of being selected by my Regional HR Director to undergo the OD in Action training provided by The Influence Company.  The specific training intervention was How to Influence Change in your organization.  The course was 5 days in duration, and I thought to myself, at being nominated for the programme “good glory a training session that is going to eat away at 5 precious days of my time!

Needless to now state, it has been some of the best days I have spent on a training invention!  I actually wished that we were placed on more of these training interventions run by The Influence Company.  The programme was not only theoretical in nature but included the practical applications in a safe environment of the team, but over and above once learnt we were put to the test in a live situation!  The most fun I have had in years…  Our team was so excited that we took the challenge head on – we defined a name for our company, planned our sessions, even to the detail of coordinating our professional dress code and business cards!  You may well say so what?  You   coordinated this but what did you learn?  We learnt first and foremost that first impressions are ones that stick!  If you don’t know your game, professionally, your clients will not take you seriously.  We learnt the power of delving and searching of solutions alongside the client and most of all we learnt the skill of re- contracting with our clients and business.  I have already put my skill into practice and I have pulled my direct team in to re-contract with business on issues that my well not be in our area of responsibility.  This has worked really well and my team was extremely impressed.  Would I recommend you make use of The Influence Company for their training inventions – yes yes yes without a doubt!
Should you wish to discuss my experience in more detail, you are welcome to contact me on my mobile number listed.

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